Selling on Amazon & eBay

It's is well known that eBay and Amazon have a gigantic customer base and they are both set to proceed with their expansion with new and repeat customers. Specifically, Amazon's exponential development in the quantity of its Prime clients implies there is an entire market of repeat buyers hanging tight for items that intrigue them.


In spite of the fact that there are expenses to pay that will hit your bottom line; it might be a small cost to pay for accessing a huge pool of online shoppers that it could well merit making your items and services accessible on these platforms.


Your business may already have an eBay or Amazon store and your own website. We can help reach your customers outside of eBay and Amazon through connecting them together. Either way there is a likely opportunity in both scenarios for you to be increasing your product reach, which could help increase the size of your own business.

Currently the major online Selling Platforms are Amazon and eBay. You need to be on them if you want to capitalise on their huge client base and marketing strategies.


There are mainly stages in establishing an Amazon business and it is not for the light headed. Even if you have the best idea and product on the market; there is a set structure to follow to ensure your product is at the top of the search results with Amazon customers . We can help you get there.

Ebay business setup is not as challenging but can be just as rewarding. The most important factor on being successful on Ebay is your selling price. In our opinion you will not be able to charge Amazon prices on Ebay and be successful. So a lower profit margin but higher turnover can produce similar benefits.

We can help you get started in either or both Online platforms.